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Valentines Day Tips

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Let’s be honest, not everyone is very experienced in planning for Valentine’s Day. The day itself can be nerve-wracking for even the most experienced of daters, but we believe that everyone could use a little help. In this week’s Wildwood Towers Apartments Blog, we’ve got a few tips for you on how to survive the day of pink hearts and loving cards. Don’t let Valentine’s day stress you out! We hope you enjoy these tips!

Small Gifts

Depending on who you’re spending time with on Valentine’s Day, these small gifts may differ. There are a variety of gifts you could choose from, but the point of these gifts is to show your significant other or date that you care. From flowers to stuffed animals, or even a surprise of an ice cream cake, we suggest you give some thought to what you wish to gift!

Little Notes

Everyone loves a little pick me up during the day, so write down some little notes of encouragement for your special person on Valentine’s Day! Stick them in places where they can be seen so they’ll be able to see your well thought out encouraging words. Valentine’s Day is, culturally, a day to celebrate love and togetherness, so why not make your significant other’s day a little bit better!

Undivided Attention

Our devices consume our attention, so one of the best ways to show your significant other you care is by providing them with your undivided attention. While giving them your undivided attention, you can learn something new about them, develop your relationship, and create memories! We’re not assuming that you don’t give them your attention, but it’s a good reminder!


Valentine’s Day is a stressful time, so we hope these tips help you out just a little! If you have any other tips, please feel free to share them with our Arlington, VA apartment community!


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