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Summer starts this month, so to get you in the mood for the sunny skies and warm weather, we are sharing some classic summer movies in this week’s Wildwood Towers Apartments Blog. If you work full time or are going to school full time you may feel like you’d be missing out on all the joys of summer, but you can live vicariously through the characters in these iconic movies!

Wet Hot American Summer

“Set on the last day of camp, in the hot summer of 1981, "Wet Hot American Summer" follows a group of counselors who are each trying to complete their unfinished business before the day ends. The entire summer of pent-up sexual frustrations, unresolved post-traumatic stress, pending separations and of course, the talent show, all weigh heavily on the minds and groins of counselors and campers alike.”

Dirty Dancing

“Baby (Jennifer Grey) is one listless summer away from the Peace Corps. Hoping to enjoy her youth while it lasts, she's disappointed when her summer plans deposit her at a sleepy resort in the Catskills with her parents. Her luck turns around, however, when the resort's dance instructor, Johnny (Patrick Swayze), enlists Baby as his new partner, and the two fall in love. Baby's father forbids her from seeing Johnny, but she's determined to help him perform the last big dance of the summer.”

Weekend at Bernie’s

“Fun-loving salesmen Richard (Jonathan Silverman) and Larry (Andrew McCarthy) are invited by their boss, Bernie (Terry Kiser), to stay the weekend at his posh beach house. Little do they know that Bernie is the perpetrator of a fraud they've uncovered and is arranging to have them killed. When the plan backfires and Bernie is killed instead, the buddies decide not to let a little death spoil their vacation. They pretend Bernie is still alive, leading to hijinks and corpse desecration galore.”


Settle into your Arlington, VA apartment and crank the air conditioning to enjoy some iconic and classic summer movies. There are plenty of other movies, so leave us a comment with your favorites today!


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