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Spring Cleaning Tips

Wildwood Towers Apartments, Arlington, VA  Break out the wipes, spray cleaners, and the garbage bags. It's time to clean and declutter your apartment before summer hits!

Take care of the dirt and clutter accumulated over winter months by diving into spring cleaning! In this week’s Wildwood Towers Apartments Blog, we’ll share some tips that will make cleaning your Arlington, VA apartment more efficient!


Take it Slow

Decluttering and cleaning your home can be an involved process, but if you were to start slowly, you will see the fruits of your labor manifest. Start by cleaning the areas of your home that see the most usage, and once those are done, evaluate your home to find the places that need to be cleaned the most. Don’t worry if the cleaning takes multiple days, spreading out the cleaning and decluttering make it less overwhelming, and you can really focus on doing a good job on the selected areas.



Decluttering is an exercise in prioritizing. As you walk through your house, or look through your closets and storage spaces, take mental notes on the things that you need to take care of. Piles of junk mail, used boxes, and empty bottles can be thrown out and recycled. Unused clothing, the ones kept away in boxes and never seen, can be donated to homeless shelters and thrift stores for repurposing. Getting rid of the useless items in your house frees up space that can be used to store more useful items that don’t have a purpose currently, but will be used in the future.


Be Prepared

Before you start cleaning, make sure that you have the appropriate cleaning supplies. Wipes, sprays, and garbage bags are among some of the needed supplies for a spring cleaning job. She Knows has a list of 22 cleaning products that practically do the work for you. Once you have these your cleaning job is that much easier, but you still have to get down and put in some elbow grease to really get the job done!


Do you have any tips for cleaning out your apartment? If you do, leave a comment below! Thanks for reading, and happy cleaning!