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Self-Care During the Holidays

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The December holidays are a time to think about others and to share in gift giving. With all the festivities and happy times being had, it’s easy to forget that other people are in need. It’s even easier to forget that you should be taking care of yourself. In this week’s Wildwood Towers Apartments, we’ve got a few ways you can take care of yourself and enjoy the holidays as well.

Take a Hot Bath

The weather has turned colder and sometimes, after a long, hard day, taking a nice hot bath can soothe your soul. For the most soul-satisfying experience, make sure that your phone is on silent and tucked away. Diffuse some essential oils or use a bath bomb to introduce some relaxing aromas into your alone time, dim the lights, and enjoy some time to yourself. Unwind and de-stress from all the things going on in your life!

Get active.

December is the month for consuming loads of sweets and sugary drinks as well as eating your fair share of turkey dinner and mashed potatoes. As delicious as these are, too much can drag you down physically, which is never helpful when you’re feeling down emotionally. Instead of getting the blues after the holidays, we suggest getting active throughout the season. Not only will you keep yourself from getting out of shape, you’ll get a kick of endorphins when you exercise, giving you that extra kick of positive feelings.

Take Time for Yourself

When people think of the December holidays, they usually imagine spending time with family and friends. Far down the list, or not even on the list at all, is taking time for yourself. Because the season focuses so heavily on others, we neglect to give ourselves the time we need to do what’s best for us. It’s a good thing to want to make sure our friends and family are happy, but what’s the point when you aren’t? Do yourself a favor and take a few days out of the month of December to do things you want to do.

Do you have any tips on self-care you’d like to share? Leave a comment for our Arlington, VA community to share the love!


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