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Exercise this Summer!

Wildwood Towers Apartments, Arlington, VA  Get back into getting healthy, it's tough, but luckily we've got some tips on how to get back into exercising this summer!

Last month we covered some ice cream shops you should visit in Arlington, VA to cool off! Summer, with its longer days and warmer weather, provides a good opportunity to get back into the groove of exercising! This week on Wildwood Towers Apartments Blog, we’ve got some tips for getting back into exercising this summer and taking advantage of our apartment community fitness center.


Dress for Success

What you wear can have an effect on your mood as you exercise, having clothing that you feel and look good in can give you that added motivation to work hard and to keep going to the gym. If you’re getting back into exercising, consider buying some new workout clothes to get you excited to start. Look for exercise clothes that are light and breathable. There has been a trend to exercise in compression gear lately, as it’s said to reduce muscle fatigue and prevent strain. Compression gear is also stylish, so you can’t go wrong!



As much as we would love to believe that going to the gym once or twice is enough, it’s not. Strength is built over time through exertion and consistency, so make it a goal to go to the gym on a consistent basis. Don’t make excuses not to go. If it helps, schedule it in your calendar so you’re reminded that it’s what you should be doing at that particular time of day.


Knowing your limits is also a part of consistency. If you’re looking to maintain going to the gym on a regular basis, it’s imperative to keep your body in good working order to handle the rigor of consistency. Start light and slow. You might think you can lift as much or run as far as you used to, but remember that muscles do atrophy after disuse. Take it slow and build up to it.



The most important tip on this list. Rest in an integral part in sustaining a healthy lifestyle. As important as it is to work out your muscles, strength comes when you let your body repair itself. Resting allows you to maintain consistency and staves off injury. Do yourself and your body a favor and rest, but don’t make that be an excuse to stop!


What tips for working out do you have for our apartment community? Share with us in the comments so we can all take advantage of knowing them.