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Celebrate Star Wars Day

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Do you enjoy science fiction? If you do, you’ve probably heard about or are a fan of Star Wars. May 4th is Star Wars Day! Derived from the famous phrase “May the Force be with you,” May the 4th was the perfect day to celebrate all things related to a galaxy far, far away. In this week’s Wildwood Towers Apartments Blog, we’ve got a few ways you can celebrate Star Wars Day. Even though it’s next month, you can start preparing now. Geek out this Star Wars Day with some of our suggestions!

Have a Marathon

What a better way to celebrate Star Wars than by watching the movies? If you’ve got the movies, you’ve already got the first step down. There are plenty of movies, so if you’re going to have a marathon, we suggest you prepare adequately for it! Preparing can include making snacks, getting out the comfortable blankets and pillows, and even drinks. Pick the movies you want to watch and then enjoy hours of science fiction entertainment!

Star Wars Treats

If you’re looking for some treats to snack on during your marathon, we suggest making some delicious Star Wars inspired treats! From pretzel lightsabers to macarons decorated like your favorite characters, there are plenty of treats you can choose from to make your movie marathon better!

Get Crafty

If making treats and having a movie marathon isn’t your thing, you can get crafty! This is a perfect activity to do with any young children that you have who enjoy Star Wars as well. Some ideas of crafts you can make are:

  • Foam lightsabers
  • Character puppets
  • R2-D2 trash cans
  • Yoda/Leia hair bands

Enjoy your May the 4th with some of our suggestions for celebrating Star Wars Day!. If you’ve got additional suggestions, leave our Arlington, VA apartment community a comment so we can try those out!

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